Sunday, October 25, 2009

"My daddy's a..........."

"Wisteria Lane" can be a very interesting place. Being that I have watched the children of ten families on the same street I know all of the dirt on everyone. Most all of the families are also friends with each other. This does not mean that they always get along nor do they have the same parenting skills. Some are closer than others but when a sticky situation arises they are always there for each other. I am usually around during the sticky situations.

This brings me to one of my favorite stories. I must first introduce the "Kramer" family. At this point in time they only had one child fully functioning and one in the oven. "Nash" is the big brother to all the girls on the block being that he is the only boy. Mom was very pregnant at the time with his soon to be little sister not yet named. So here is the pickle, please try to stay with me. The Workman family and the Kramer family are very close friends. They do a lot of things together and get along very well. So, Mrs. Workman decides to take her two oldest girls to Tahoe skiing. Mr. Kramer goes too. Leaving Mrs. Kramer at home pregnant and Mr. Workman at home with their youngest. Mr. Workman has to work so I stay the week with him and Chuckie.

So to clarify we have dad from one family and mom from another vacationing together across the country. The babysitter spending the night with the other dad. Then the poor mom who is preggers home alone with the kid. This is hilarious to me being that this was not at all as it may seem. Mrs. Workman actually met her mom in Tahoe for her birthday and Mr. Kramer was on business. I barely saw Mr. Workman the whole time and Mrs. Kramer works so naturally Nash was in daycare. The week flew by fairly quickly and before everyone knew it the drama on Wisteria Lane was at an end. As much as it can be.

A few days before Mr. Kramer returned I went across the way to watch Nash while Mrs. Kramer ran some errands. When I arrive she is changing his diaper so he is stuck talking to us for a few minutes. She says "Nash, tell Mrs. Lauren what your daddy is." He says "My daddy's a douchebag!" Laughing hysterically Mrs. Kramer tells me that she taught him that and he went to school saying it because it obviously gets a great response. I think it is one of the funniest things I have ever heard come out of a kid's mouth. I mean, can't you just see career day when he gets a little older and he still thinks his daddy is a douchebag. Little Johnny's dad is a firefighter and little Leila's dad is a Police Officer. Little Nash's dad is still a douchebag. Please note that he is not at all a douchebag and that at most it was a sarcastic remark made by Mrs. Kramer that just became funny enough to teach the kid. Simple as that!

As time went by their beautiful little girl was born. I will call her "Missy" and she is one of my favorite kids of all time. She isn't scared to get a little dirty and she really likes food. I really like that she likes food because picky eaters can be very difficult. She also has this little attitude that cracks me up (kinda like her momma)! She is a firecracker. And every time I see her I just wanna squeeze her little chipmunk-esque cheeks. She once had a computer dropped on her foot that resulted in her toenail falling off and it barely phased her. I bet my nanny powers that Nash is gonna get in some fist-fights because of her! Maybe even some fist-fights with her!

Thanks for reading guys! I want to apologize for falling off the blogger wagon for a few weeks. Europe was really fun and sort of mentally wiped me out! Is that a believable excuse? Really just haven't had much time. But I am back! I promise I will find some time next week to write and in the meantime I hope everyone has a great one!